SOUNDCRAFT : ALIM CPS150 pour RM100/105
SOUNDCRAFT : ALIM CPS150 pour RM100/105-564SOUNDCRAFT : ALIM CPS150 pour RM100/105-564
SOUNDCRAFT : ALIM CPS150 pour RM100/105-564SOUNDCRAFT : ALIM CPS150 pour RM100/105-564

SOUNDCRAFT : ALIM CPS150 pour RM100/105

150,00 H.T.

Mixage Radio/Studio/Post production analogique modulaire : Alimentation CPS150

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The Soundcraft RM100/105 is a fully
modular radio on-air console which
is ideal for use in local radio and
other smaller broadcast applications.
Designed with ease of use as the prime
consideration, it offers a fully-featured
yet affordable studio control package.
The RM100 is available in three frame
sizes of 8, 12 or 20 input channels. The
modules are selected from the range of
Mono, Stereo, Telco and Source Select. A
Master Module is standard with every
A mono source at microphone or line level
can be connected to the Mono Module.
48V phantom power can be enabled
internally, with input sensitivity adjusted
via the recessed presets. An insert point
allows external signal processing. The
signal can be routed to the PGM (Program)
and AUD (Audition) busses using the large
illuminated routing switches. Channel level
is controlled by a high quality carbon or
conductive plastic 100mm VCA fader.
Two stereo line level sources can be
connected to each Stereo Module; the B
switch toggles between them. L/R gain is
adjustable between -12dB and +9dB via
recessed presets, and the signal can be
routed to the PGM and AUD busses.
Designed for connection to an external
telephone hybrid, the Telco Module’s input
gain and clean feed output attenuation
are adjusted via recessed presets. A prefade
insert point allows external signal
processing. Routing controls are similar to
those on the Mono Module.
The RM100 has three main outputs –
stereo Program, stereo Audition and a
Mono output that can be sourced from
either PGM or AUD. The line level Control
Room Monitor output is derived from
either PGM, AUD or Ext 1, and the
Presenter’s and Guest
Headphones sources can
be independently
selected from PGM,
AUD, or the four
external inputs
(which are connected
via a 15-pin D-connector). The
meters can be set to measure PGM,
AUD, or to follow the Control Room
Monitor source.
• A script tray with an equivalent width
of seven modules can be specified.
• PPMs are available instead of VUs.
• The deluxe meterbridge provides a
digital machine timer and integral
Cue speaker.
• The 20-channel frame is fitted with
four meters, one pair being
fed from the PGM output.
• A stereo Source Select Module is
available, which allows connection of
multiple stereo signals without using
additional inputs.
• The VCA faders can be specified as
either carbon or conductive plastic.
• The Master Module is available with or
without master faders.
• The 90-240V power supply can be
optionally rackmounted.